Configuring Related Posts WordPress Plugin

by Shubham on November 12, 2009

Configuring Wp-thumbie: Related post's plugin WordPress

Configuring Wp-thumbie: Related post's plugin WordPress

Configuring your WordPress Post plugin WP-Thimbie. Change the hover color, image size related post title and removing the “Blogsdna” credits/footer from the plugin. Customize your WP-Thumbie wordpress plugin to get the most.Configuring the Wp-Thumbie wordpress plugin WordPress:

1.Download and install the WP-Thumbie plugin from here.

2.Now in the back end of your wordpress, go to settings >>Wp-thumbie.

Configuring the Options of Wp-Thumbie:

Number of thumbnail related posts to display choose how many related posts you want to display(5 is set as default).

Image Thumbnail width and height in px, choose the thumbnail size for the related posts.(the default value is set as 70px).

Title of related posts, you can have a custom title for the related post. you can use tags like <h3> etc. to have the text as the heading. (the default value set is <h3>Related Posts :</h3>).

Exclude Categories, you can exclude categories you don’t want to show in the post separated by commas(by default it is empty).

When there are no posts, you can choose between the options to show Blank Output or display “no related posts”(by default it is set to blank output).

Related Post Display Style, you can choose to show it in vertical format or raw format. The best layout is vertical format(by default it is vertical format).

Display Post Excerpts, you can check the box if you want to show post excerpts(by default it is unchecked).

You can choose it to display it on single posts, pages and even in feeds, check the box where you want to show it(by default it is only on posts).

Save the options, before moving to a different page.

changing color of wp-thumbie

Now changing the color and looks of the Wp-thumbie.

1.First of all, login into your File manager of your website. You can use Core FTP, File Zilla and other clients to do that.

2. Go to your WordPress installation directory, and navigate to wpcontent >> plugins >> wp-thumbie (wp-content/plugins/wp-thumbie/).

3. Now open the file wp_thumbie_verticle.css in a notepad or Dreamweaver.

4. Changing the colors:

Background Colour:

Find the line “#wp_thumbie {background:#ffffff;” and replace the color code #ffffff” to have a custom color. The most common colors code are given below:

Grey        : #EEEEEE
Black       : #000000
Light Yellow: #FEFD89
Light Green : #97F358
Blue        : #0000FF
Light Blue  : #9AEBFE

You can make your own color codes with software's or can Google it.

Changing the Hover color:

Find the line “#wp_thumbie_li:hover{background:#fafafa;}”  and relace the color code “#fafafa” with your own. This changes your hover color.

Changing the  Title Hover Color:

Find the line “#wp_thumbie_title a:hover{color:#386990;” and replace the color code “#386990” with your own. This changes the hover title color.

Changing the Border Color:

Find the line “#wp_thumbie_li {border-bottom:1px solid #EBDDE2;” and replace the color code “#EBDDE2” to change the border color.

You can also change the font, size of the text from this file. Save the file after editing and don’t hesitate to try different combination’s unless you get the best look.

Now removing Credits from the WP-thumbie:

To remove the credits of “blogsdna” from your related post plugin wp-thumbie. You just have to open the file wp-thumbie.php and find the line “$output .= ‘<div id=”wp_thumbie_rl2″><a href=””><small>By Blogsdna</small></a></div></div>’;” try searching “blogsdna” and you will get this line.

Now delete “<a href=””><small>By Blogsdna</small></a>” from the file and save it.

Check your website and you now no longer you will see the “by blogsdna” credit.

If you have any problems fell free to ask, you will be replied soon.

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    avatar duto November 13, 2009 at 3:46 am

    Thank for inviting me. Thank you…


    avatar duto November 13, 2009 at 9:16 am

    Thank for inviting me. Thank you…


    avatar Bogdan February 3, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    any idea how can i make the plugin display related posts in 2 columns?


    avatar aviationMY February 21, 2010 at 2:57 pm


    im stumble upon ypur blog looking for Thesis related/similar post plugin and when i scroll down your blog i saw a nice related post box down here.

    could you show me how you did this…what plugin you are using and how to customize it in custom_function.php and so on..

    hope you can share your nice related post box with me…im very2 grateful

    thank you..


    avatar Shubham February 27, 2010 at 8:56 am

    I use contextual related plugin…You can get it from the wordpress plugin directory..!


    avatar Noah Lor January 7, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    This article is truly beneficial to me – thanks for posting!


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