Well it is said that content rules the Web, though it does but it isn’t the only thing you should care about. Making a successful quality blog is not an easy task. One of the most important factor is the loading time of your blog. In this article let’s have a look at the various things which you should do to increase the speed of you blog.


Every Web Designer hates Internet explorer, I too hate Internet explorer for many reasons (especially IE6). HTML 5 and CSS3 are the most powerful techniques of creating a good design but IE can’t handle them. Few tricks can do some work to give a good look in Internet explorer. The hacks like creating rounded corners, embedding HTML5, text and box shadow, Opacity are been given here.


Color Tool For Web Designers

20+ Color Tool For Web Designers/Webmasters and CSS Geeks

March 6, 2010

Choosing the core color of your project can be a easy task but finding the right combinations to match the core color can be difficult. Here’s a list of 20+ tools to choose the matching colors and even suggest the matching color palette when you aren’t sure what are you looking for. The list contains […]

Access Blocked Sites on Your Network

How To Access Blocked Sites on Your Network

March 5, 2010

Want to access the blocked sites in your network? Here’s a list of 100+ Working Proxy Websites to connect to a targeted website with a different IP; thus hiding hiding your actual origin. There are many reasons Internet users use proxy sites for, some use to access blocked websites by their college or workplace, some […]

Online Code Editors

8 Best Helpful Online Code Editors

February 27, 2010

As a web developer, your main objective is turn your ideas into codes. Well implementation is a difficult task. Online code editors are getting popular these days. These editors can help you with the codes from any computer having an internet access, or even a tablet. Coding is simple and more fun, no need to carry your software’s where ever you go.

Thumbnail image for Bubble Effect With CSS – Thesis Array

Bubble Effect With CSS – Thesis Array

February 11, 2010

From the past few weeks I haven’t posted anything. Well all I can say is that I was busy the past weeks, but not on what I expected. This is my first post on WordPress Theme Customization. Well today, I will explain you how to create a dock( though not smooth like Mac) for your […]

Thumbnail image for Test Your Cross Browsing Compatibility

Test Your Cross Browsing Compatibility

January 13, 2010

Every Web designer knows that browser differences can create plenty of problems. Finding and fixing out problems is very difficult when you are not equipped with right tools. I faced many problems with Internet explorer and as I did all my work with Mozilla Firefox(every one does), debugging the css was very difficult and time […]

Prevent Your Site From Getting Indexed

Prevent Your Site From Getting Indexed, The Right Way

January 6, 2010

Many websites use robots.txt to block Google to index their pages and thus preventing the pages from showing up in the search engine. But the fact is that robots.txt doesn’t actually do the latter, even though it does prevent your site from being indexed. Before getting back to the explanation why Google does that?

Wordpress 2.9 Carmen

WordPress 2.9 Carmen- What’s New?

December 27, 2009

WordPress 2.9 is released and out for upgrades to the new version named “Carmen”.The version is named after Carmen McRae a jazz singer. This time WordPress is loaded with many new options, so you can have play with many more features. The main features I have actually seen so far are the addition of the […]

follow gadget

Cool Follow Me Gadget WordPress/Website Mash Gadget

November 17, 2009

The Mash Gadget is the cool flash gadget for wordpress. It gives links to your page for 4 major pages twitter, RSS, Email Subscription Feedburner and Facebook. It can be embedded into sidebar or anywhere in the site to have a cool flash widget so that users can easily go to your pages to follow […]