Best Alternative Of Rapidshare, Time To Switch

by Shubham on November 3, 2009

Rapidshare Vs MediaFire

Rapidshare Vs MediaFire

Rapidshare is one of the most popular file hosting servers over the internet. Each of has something to download from it. Due to its flexibility to upload 200MB’s of data in a single file, it has been the best file sharing service.

Now days Rapidshare is being annoying for free users, as users have to wait hours. Nobody wants to wait or pay for premium account, even me. At times it is pathetic. One of my friends uploaded a flash file made by him on Rapidshare and gave me the link to download it, now every time I go to download it says you have to wait or purchase a premium account. It’s totally insane, isn’t it?

The best alternative of Rapidshare is, it gives you 200mb single upload. No download tickets needed and you can have unlimited downloads. You can have unlimited storage in all accounts. So you don’t need to create multiple accounts.

Acknowledged by Top Sites

Acknowledged by Top Sites

So next time try uploading files to

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