Configure Torrent Clients for Optimum Speed

by Aditya on November 27, 2009

Configure torrent client's

Configure torrent client's

All clients have options through which you can customize your settings for maximum speed. There are few things you need to configure to get the maximum out of a torrent.

First of all, know your maximum download and upload speed. These sites can be helpful in determining the exact download and upload speeds

Limiting the download speed:

This may not sound good at first, but this has to be done for better performance of speeds. Set the download speed 90 percent of you maximum download speed.

Example: If your maximum downloads speed is 100kbps then set the max speed in the client to 90kbps.

Limiting the upload speed:

You also have to configure at what speeds the uploading should occur as this may affect your downloading speed. And keep in mind that uploading is equally important for any torrent to get its maximum speed and also for the torrent to live for others to download it. Set your maximum upload speed to 80 percent of its value in the client.

Example: If your maximum uploads speed is 50kbps then set the speed in client to 40kbps.

Setting the maximum connected peers per torrent:

You have to limit the number of peers connected to you as it greatly affects your speeds. If peers are more in number, though they give download speeds but will also make your upload count high and lower the maximum possible download speed. Here’s what you have to do:

Upload speed * 1.3

(If you get value in decimals, just keep the integer part of the number obtained. And the upload speed used here is the limited upload speed calculated above).

Setting up the maximum upload slots:

Keep in mind that your main aim is still downloading but you don’t have to be greedy, i.e. a leecher. But you also don’t have to give away all your bandwidth in uploading. So limit the number of maximum upload slots to be in a diplomatic state. Use the formula below to calculate the number of upload slots:

1 + (Upload Speed / 6)

(Upload speed used is the limited upload speed calculated).

Turning off the Windows Firewall:

This point is may be risky but windows firewall is a major obstruction that comes in the way while downloading through a torrent. It stops all the incoming connections and prohibits the client to transfer properly. So it is must and important method to speed up your torrent speeds. Don’t worry, if you have antivirus software, it usually has it’s own firewall and will prevent any risks.

Setting the Listening Port:

P2P sharing basically runs best on port 6881. So make sure you set your listen port number to the same. This has a great effect on the sharing speeds. You can also choose 6882 and 6883 if you face speed problems. They can be switched at times and randomized as well (a feature on Bitlord) to get the desired speed. Just look which offers the best speed; it may depend on torrent to torrent.

These are just a few tips which will surely get you going with torrents. There are a few more ways which will increase the speed of torrents. But they are more complicated than the methods mentioned above. But I’ll surely cover them up in the later articles if I get a positive response from you guys.

If you have any suggestion or have something to say, simply write a comment below and we’ll surely get to it and make this article/website better.

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    avatar Jhon December 3, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Good work mate. Really helpful.


    avatar Vivan December 8, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    thanks for the help..but how can i download torrents on my home computer? It is restricted by my ISP.


    avatar Amalroy December 26, 2009 at 7:24 am

    Thanks a lot friend. This is very useful. use bit torrent accelerator. Using it too gives a speed boost.


    avatar Shubham December 26, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Yeah..It work's. I got a speed boost of almost 30kbps on some dead torrents too..!


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