Google’s New Fading Homepage in Testing

by Shubham on November 1, 2009

Google's New Homepage

Google's New Homepage

Google’s new homepage may be confusing to some new users. We all know that google is a fan of minimalism, when we are talking about homepage they keep their word count 30.  Google is up with the new homepage, and is experimenting with it.

Google has taken the concept to the new level: the site is testing a new effect that hides everything except the Google logo and the search box, only revealing the other elements with a fade effect when you move your mouse.

There are few notable omissions from fading homepage- you will notice that “Google Search” and the famous “I am felling lucky” buttons are both missing. Updated: There is another screenshot which contains both buttons, so its seems like Google is testing with multiple versions.

One new change of the fading homepage is that, there is a short sentence appearing under the search box and rest of the page fades out. The line is left intentionally because too many unaware users where confused by the fade effect.

Don’t feel bad if you are not seeing the Google’s highly streamlined homepage because it is a part of Google bucket test which is available for only small set subset of users. It can be released broadly too, so don’t get alaramed if you hate the new look.

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