Increase Life Of Your Rechargable Batteries

by Shubham on November 8, 2009

Increase Your Battery Life

Increase Your Battery Life

Nowadays, everything comes with rechargeable batteries, but who knew that getting good life from them could be so confusing? You are changing your batteries frequently or you are not getting good between the charge’s, try some tips.

Getting good battery life requires some tips and tricks.

The following things should be kept in mind, to get the most outta your battery:

1. Never charge your battery 100% or keep it full empty, you should charge it and discharge it in a sequential manner ranging between 90% to 20%. That will increase your battery life.

2. Batteries run better when kept in cold, so keep them away from heat giving materials. Batteries don’t works well in warm locations. Store all your batteries in cool and dry place. Don’t keep them in fridge, the moisture inside will damage your batteries.

3. Keep them organized, don’t short them. Don’t let their end’s touch; this will potentially discharge your batteries quiet often. Keep them in a case which tight and protective.

4. Select a good charger, the charger should disconnect the battery when fully charged. Prevent overcharging. Use a specific charger for a specific battery and remove it in time. Don’t buy duplicate charges as incorrect power supply damages your batteries.

5. Don’t keep NiMH batteries lose in your pockets they may get short with coins or keys. This will discharge your batteries and may even explode.

6. Avoid water contact, water is a killer of batteries. In wet seasons, moisture deposits on the battery cover. Wipe them off and keep it dry and clean.

7. If you are not using them for longer time then remove them from the devices and keep them separately.

8. Keep the heads clean, remove the dirt and rust from them. Clean them with a paper don’t use any liquids to clean them.

9. Get an extra pack; buy an extra pair to get you going. It’s the cheap insurance to the batteries rather than buying a battery life extender.

10.  Don’t let the charged battery unused for longer period, at least use them once every two or three weeks. Also don’t let Li-ion battery completely discharge, it causes memory effects (only for older batteries).

These tips will increase your rechargeable battery life and you will get the maximum out of your batteries when in use.

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