Things You Need To Know About Torrents

by Aditya on November 27, 2009

The all you need to know about torrents?

All you need to know about torrents

From nerds to newbie’s everyone uses torrents for their downloading purposes. But what exactly a torrent is and what it does is what this article will cover. All from scratch, this article will give you the real deal.

A lot of people surfing the web today come across a term “torrent”, and usually they keep asking:

What is a torrent?

What is the concept of torrents?

How do I download a torrent? And many more questions…

If you already know the principles and working of a torrent you can follow the link below to optimize the clients in order to boost your speed and performance. Or you can also follow the main article first and then focus on its advanced working and optimization later on.

To understand the concept and working of torrent, you have to be known to a few terms:

bittottent_networkBitTorrent: BitTorrent is a file distribution system. It is a place where your original download source is kept. In this network the file is downloaded as well as uploaded at the same time, hence saving the bandwidth of the source. This type of sharing of file is referred to as P2P or peer-to-peer sharing. What it does is that it splits up the file into small segments known as a piece and then multiple downloaders’ around multiple systems download the segments and simultaneously upload the segments to be downloaded by others. This way, the main server bandwidth is greatly saved.

Torrents: The address and list of trackers of files downloadable through BitTorrent system are stored in a small file known as a torrent. Torrent can be termed as shortcut to the download path like a shortcut on our PC. The size of a torrent ranges from a few bytes to a few kilobytes. This is the part a lot of people are confused with. They search for torrents to download and when they get one, they think that it’s the actual file which they thought of downloading but looking at the size they raise questions.

torrent_clients Torrent Client: The information contained in a torrent can be accessed and downloaded by software known as the torrent clients. This software keeps the track of trackers, seeders, leechers and the peers connected with the system while downloading or uploading or both. In this process of downloading the IP of your system is exposed over the network in which you are currently downloading from as well as the IP of the systems is visible to you from whom you are downloading/uploading the file.

Some of the popular clients are:

Azureus, BitComet, BitLord, uTorrent, SymTorrent (for mobile platforms) and XBT etc.

Tracker: The host of the file is basically known as the tracker. Tracker is a website monitoring the stats of connections made by various systems on its network and also briefs every client with these stats.

Peers: Every downloader/uploader in the network is known as a peer. Or in simple words, the number of systems connected to download that file is know as peers of that particular file. If you are downloading a file then you are also a peer.

Seeders: When downloads are completed and still the user is giving his/her bandwidth to upload the file then this process is called seeding. And the user performing this activity is known as a seeder. So it’s clear that the more a torrent has seeders, the more download speed it will provide. The count of seeds can be seen on the side providing that torrent.

Leechers: When a user is simply downloading a file and limiting the upload of the file then it is considered a leech. That particular user is known as a leecher.  The more count of leechers a torrent has the more it will suck up your upload bandwidth and give relatively low download speeds.

So it’s always best to consider a torrent with good seeds and fewer leechers. Although all torrents have both seeders and leechers, but this does not mean that they cannot be downloaded. Just look for the torrent with minimum leech and maximum seeds. And even if the leechers are large in numbers but seeders are also plenty, then torrent can be downloaded easily without much problem.

For configuring the torrent clients for getting the optimum speeds and performance out of it, visit the link provided above.

If you have any suggestion or have something to say, simply write a comment below and we’ll surely get to it and make this article/website better.

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