Most Annoying Facebookers

by Shubham on November 15, 2009

Facebook annoyingFacebook is the best thing on the web to keep you updated with your friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers. Facebook is gowning half a million per day.

The average time spent by Facebook user each day on Facebook is approx 9min, pretty much.

Facebook has been annoying sometimes for the  people. There are peoples you’re happy to talk to but there are other people, the ones makes you cringe when you see them coming. This post is all about them.

Here are the some most annoying type of Facebook Users:

1. The Let me tell you every single detail of my boooring day-The status “What’s on your mind?” of ever sing bit. “I just had a toothbrush.””Eating breakfast.” “Having hot Coffee.” “Bored at work.” “Another creepy Friday.” “No battery, my laptops dying.” Just because you have 300 friends doesn’t means that every one wants to to know about every single bit of you.

2. The self promoters– Posting about each achievement and giving a like redirecting it to your blog. And sure, maybe your friends want to read about your achievements. But almost every update seems to be bragger or  self centered careerists.

3. The friend padder– The average facebook users have “150” friends. A sum of average pals, a user add in his life will get utpo “400” or “500” max.But “1000 friends?” – unless you’re Ashton Kutcher or just won lottery, no one has that many friends. That’s just showing off.

4. The Lurker– The info grabbers on Facebook, these users seem to be lazy about posting updates or something but once a while when you talk to them they mention a old post by you, so you know they’re on your page just hiding under the hoods.

5.The Chronic Requests– The chronic invites about “Be my farmville neighbour” “Join Mafia Wars” “Join the cause” “Top things about me”. They don’t stop! Cant we just be friends?

Do comment and share this link on Facebook..lolz.

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