Mobile Script Concept Laptop/Phone

by Shubham on November 15, 2009

Script Concept Phone

Script Concept Phone

Flexible touchscreen phone with a virtual keyboard will be the show thing in 2011. Dual touch screen phone which provides a variety of features like video link, video chat, browsing, email, HD video support, GPS and much more.

Concept Script PhoneConcept script phone 2 The phone has a variety of bundled features which are easy to use on a large touchscreen display which is collapsed inside the handset. The phone is often termed as “Script Laptop” due to it’s features and touchscreen.

script concept phonescript concept phone overviewThe collapsed screen expands to give a soft OLDE -touchscreen and soft nano material hardening in the filling of low voltage. The large touch screen expands to 9.5 inc and the best thing is you can carry it in your pocket.

script concept power chargeThe mobile Script Concept Phone” does not requires a charge, it case is covered with a nano-material which absorbs the sunlight to charge it during the daytime. When a power charger is needed the phone can charge it self wireless through power rugs, that’s something new in phones. You can charge it anywhere, wherever the services is provided.

The phone is expected to come in 2011. If you have something to say do comment here.

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