Top Ways To Monetize Your Website

by Shubham on October 22, 2009

How to make money on Internet? Internet is the resource to the money, you can be a millionaire in a billion hits to your website. Top ways of monetizing website and getting traffic is not so difficult if you do it from the starting.

Best Ways to Monetize your Blog

Best Ways to Monetize your Blog

Making money through website is an easy task if you optimize your website to get good traffic. Internet is all about making easy money but conditionally you should be smart enough. Traffic drives money. If you have Traffic You have Money. The equation can be defined as:

Money is directly proportional to Traffic. The more the traffic the more you earn.


Easy Money through Website

Easy Money through Website

Making money through website, a thousand blogs on it but no one ever gives the complete math. Webmasters main aim is to get traffic. To get traffic i have posted an article earlier. Now if they have traffic how to earn is the question? There are many ways to earn through website. Some of them which give maximum profits with least optimization are given below:

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Program’s(PPC):

Pay Per Click or PPC is the most common method to earn through website. The PPC works on simple algorithm, you get paid for every click. It is the highest paid method and the for websites. This method can get you upto 1000$ a month for 100,000 visitors. The Best PPC advertising network is Google AdSense. It pays you the best for every AD click. Google shares a 50-50 ratio for maximum Ad’s with the webmasters. You need to sign up to AdSense by and your application will be approved within 2-3 days if your website matches their guidelines. The Google Network shows very relevant Ad’s to your Website, so that you can make the most of it. This the best website tools for publishers. The tool works awesome for good traffic websites, low traffic websites may have low earning problems.

The most popular PPC Networks are:

  1. Google Adsense –
  2. Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)
  3. BidVertiser
  4. Chitika –
  5. Clicksor –

2. Cost Per Impression(CPI) or Cost Per thousand Impressions(CPM):

It is another one of the best method for monetizing your blog, it pays you for impressions. In this type of program you get money for number of impressions of Ads generated on your website. You get paid for the page views. A blog that has 100,000 visitor a month displaying a add of 1$ CPM will earn 100$ a month. The math is simple if you have more visitors you will earn more. These type of programs need a heavy amount of traffic to earn good. You should consider this as a second option after PPC. These are considered as good alternatives for those who cannot use PPC due to any reasons. Sign-up with these programs and paste their codes on your website and start your earnings.

The most popular CPM Networks are:

  1. Casale Media –
  2. Burst Media –
  3. Value Click –
  4. –
  5. Tribal Fusion –
  6. Right Media –

3. Direct Advertisement:

This gives you the maximum profit if you have good page rank and traffic statistics. Ads can be displayed in the banner and sidebars. Direct Ads gives a good some of money as these programs are most beneficial for publishers as well as advertisers. Advertisers get good traffic through these type of Ads. The traffic through these Ads are more promising and relevant. The most common Ad formats are 728×90 leaderboard, the 120×600 skyscraper, the 300×250 rectangle and the 125×125 button and you can charge around 50$ a month for sidebar Ads and 100-150$ for Banner Ads if you are ranged good in search engines.A popular example of these type of websites are

Place a column of “Advertise on this site” so that webmasters can contact for Ad related queries.

4. Affiliate marketing:

This is becoming the coolest method of monetizing on the Internet, affiliate market is growing very fast. Its like a merchant wants to sell products or services and he places an Ad on your site, and if you complete the referral you get the money in the form of commission. In order to fin suitable Ads you can turn to individual companies and publishers.

Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks are:

  1. Commission Junction –
  2. ClickBank –
  3. Azoogle Ads –
  4. Link Share –

5. Paid Surveys And Polls:

There are services which pays a good amount for displaying their polls and surveys on websites. You jut have to sign up with them and select your category for polls so that site relevant polls are displayed on website. The most popular is Vizu Answers.

6. Selling Sub-Domains:

The another most profitable monetizing way is selling sub-domains or pages of your website or you can also have paid author posts or sections. You can charge a good money for on author demand posts. Selling sub-domains and pages of your website will monetize your website.

7. Donations:

Donations prove good if you are really doing things to help others. People donate to websites which help people for free. The Donations are a good way to get some bucks. Donations prove good if you are really doing something good.

These where the top ways which i recommend for making money from your websites, if you have more good and tested techniques just comment so that i can add them to the article.
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