Alan Wake: The new addition from Remedy Entertainment

by Aditya on October 26, 2009

Alan Wake

Alan Wake-The Game

Of all the companies leading the gaming industries, Remedy Entertainment has set its stage on a monumental level with its upcoming game Alan Wake. With the new technology and use of advanced devices the game has been devloped and will release in 2010.

Like the previous games, this game is also action packed with mysteries revolving round the player i.e. Alan Wake. The game dynamics are thoroughly programmed in order to provide an ultimate gaming experience a player can have.

The storyline runs in a small town of Brightfalls, where Alan and his wife are on a vacation. Alan is a bestselling writer who has lost his edge and comes to this town to have a good time and re-evolve his writing skills. But his latest edition- a thriller which is not yet complete dramatically comes to reality and takes over Alan Wake. His wife turns out to be missing taken by a dark force which when comes to direct contact of light, weakens.

This is only a rough overview of the story the game follows. The hidden factors and other fragments of story will be determined later as the news from the fellows at the Remedy keep up to the updates.

In the game, light and darkness are the key factors governing the gameplay.The dark forces cannot withstand light so a flashlight is a much more important tool in game than a gun or any other weapon. The map or the area can be explored like the other games available in the market. Player can also drive cars, operate machines and enter inside buildings and houses etc. And to add up to all this, the virtual environment which is created is breathtaking or simply amazing. The sunset, the sunrise, winds, rains, storms, tornados and all other aspects of nature are magnificently implanted in a code with extravagant graphics which makes it nearly impossible for a human eye to distinguish between the real and the virtual.

This game will be published by Microsoft Game Studios and will release for PC and Xbox 360 only.

Though the rumors have it, but the game is likely to be released on spring 2010 as per the official announcements.

The preview of cinematics and gameplay was seen at the E3 expo 2009 and now can be found at other places on the web.

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