Apple MacBook With Multi-Touch Trackpad

by Shubham on October 24, 2009

macbook multi touch Apple MacBook With Multi Touch Trackpad

Apple multi-touch MacBook

After the Apple Iphone, Mac is up with multi-touch MacBook. The Macbook has a single multi-touch trackpad which is unlike anything you have touched. Its is similar to iPhone touch screen. You can use Multiple figures to zoom in, rotate, scroll, swipe.

thums1 Apple MacBook With Multi Touch Trackpad

MacBook Features

The new MacBook is just the right amount of everything. A brilliant LED backlit display, built in 7hrs of battery Life, glass Multi-touch Trackpad, Advanced Nvidia Graphics,  Magnetic power connection and a built in iSight camera.

A Brilliant LED Backlit Display: It has 13.3 inch glossy wide screen with a screen resolution of 1280 by 800 ready for your HD videos. The screen is environmental friendly, free from harmful toxins like Mercury and Arsenic.

thums2 Apple MacBook With Multi Touch Trackpad Battery Life: The MacBook has a longest battery life with up to 7 hours of backup with a single charge. It is designed such that it can be recharged up to 1000 times i.e. can be used for approximately 5 years- based on normal usage, which is 3 times greater than normal notebooks. Batteries got greener, less waste and in turn makes it a environmental friendly battery.

Multi-touch Feature: The multi touch feature in MacBook and MacBook Pro is the new thing from Apple. You can use multiple touch to perform various tasks. You can various operations like click, right click, scroll, pinch, swipe and rotate. These features are described in the images below. You can also configure the trackpad to perform various functions.

thums4 Apple MacBook With Multi Touch Trackpad

Macbook Features

thums3 Apple MacBook With Multi Touch Trackpad

MacBook multi-touch Trackpad

High Features comes Standard: With Nvidia GeForce 9400M provides high end graphics. So you can enjoy high quality games. With rich colors and pixel shader support the MacBook renders high quality graphics in your gaming world. You can enjoy the quality performace with Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

thums5 Apple MacBook With Multi Touch Trackpad

Technical Configration

The 500GB hard disk stores data, so that you can have a huge library, you don’t need to switch DVD’s or external devices.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi AirPort Extreme 802.11 lets you share and surf wireless. Share your content in a Wi-Fi network has never been so easier.

The iSight Camera is placed in such a way that it is almost hidden. It lets you capture images and shoot videos. You can use it with internal microphone to chat with iChat apllication and you can be anywhere wher you are not.

So it is good deal to buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro, it is something diffrent in notebooks.

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