Carbyn HTML5 based OS for Tablet, PC and MAC

by Shubham on September 17, 2011

Carbyn is an HTML5 based OS that can be accessed with any modern web browser. Since it is built on HTML5 there is nothing to install at all, you just have to login into Carbyn and you’re ready to go! Carbyn runs on any browser except the older versions of IE.

The Carbyn OS lets you enjoy all your favorite HTML5 Applications from any device whether it is PC, MAC or tablet. The Carbyn Team is working to make it run on the various smartphones. “The smartphone version will be available soon” the team says.

Once you login into Carbyn and load up the OS, you can pin your favourite applications in the Carbyn dashboard (in the browser). Any HTML5 applications can be personalised from the ground up (using HTML5) or existing apps can use the wrapper in the Carbyn SDK. The team says that they can get any HTML5 application working on Carbyn OS in less than half an hour.

So in what way is this different from Chrome Web Store?  Well, that’s just a store for HTML5 applications while Carbyn is an OS to run these applications. What’s cool with Carbyn is that it supports multi-tasking, thanks to their SDK which allows different apps to communicate in a way that traditional apps can’t. “One app can tell, if it’s a phone app, let’s say Skype can tell the music app, ‘hey, stop playing I’m getting a call.’ So, it’s a true, OS one hundred percent in the browser.” explains the team.

In the dock menu you can see your running apps, favourite apps, and the other personalized applications categorized. Customizing the background wallpaper, sharing options, user account settings can be done easily with system preference option on dashboard.

The Carbyn OS is pretty much similar to the Chrome browser. Or even close to Chrome OS.

But the Chrome Web Store works on Chrome browser only. Carbyn is meant to run on any device supporting HTML5 delivering cross platform experience for Apps.

Carbyn is under development and beta code can be requested at Carbyn.

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    avatar alvuk January 1, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    This is amazing! Don’t understand how these powerful apps etc are running just through the browser. The extent of my browser experience is flash, javascript, ajax, etc. Never knew anything like this could be done through the browser though!


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