Geocites Closed: Yahoo Shuts It Down

by Shubham on October 29, 2009

Yahoo Geocities CaptionYahoo Geocities finally shut’s down, after a long run of 10 years. Geocities files got deleted on 26th October 2009. 75 billion images and 8 million pages have been deleted from the Yahoo server.

Yahoo Notice.!

Yahoo Notice.!

Yahoo Geocities Team deleted aroung 7+ million hosted sites on geocities. The result is approximate as there are users which have private blogs. There Data is not indexed by google. It was a big decision to close the service.

The Google search results

The Google search results

The google has deleted all the geocities hosted links from their search engine. Now there will be no sites visible on google search. The string “” will not return any search results. The Google has now traces of geocities hosted domains.

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