Microsoft Courier: The Microsoft’s take on the Apple tablet

by Aditya on November 4, 2009

Courier From Microsoft

Courier From Microsoft

A few days back Apple tablet seemed to be the most awaited product for the coming year, but not anymore. Microsoft’s rumored tablet according to Gizmodo does exits and is named “Courier”. It’s currently in the development stage. Here’s a look at the Microsoft Courier.

Courier is basically a booklet than a tablet with two separate halves as separate screens. The screen is approximately 7-inch with the famous multitouch panel. The screens are held and connected by a small hinge which has a button on it which is the only physical button on the device. In the video one can clearly see that the screen is very responsive and the look and feel is excellent. It also has a stylus by which one can write notes or draw pictures as well as it can understand finger gesture for additional functions like drag drop etc. It’s also said to have a camera in the backside.

The news about the device was first released on Gizmodo.

Now at this point usually everyone have a few question in mind:

Q. When will Microsoft Courier be available?
A. The guys at Gizmodo are not certain about that.

Q. What will be the cost of the device?
A. The answer still remains the same.

The device does exist but the news available till now is very limited. Till then we can only wait for the updates for the next big product of the software giant Microsoft.

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