Should You Switch To Windows 7

by Shubham on October 25, 2009

thums8 Should You Switch To Windows 7

Do you need a Upgrade?

Windows is out in stores, now the question is should you switch to windows 7? Two days ago on 22nd Oct windows launched its most awaited windows 7. Now Do you need a upgrade? or Is windows 7 really something that you should get your hands on?

Windows 7 is the new operating system after Windows Vista, Microsoft has worked hard on the complains in Vista. We will check out the new and improved features of Windows Vista nd will decide whether to upgrade it or not. Top 5 things are reviewed:

1. Look and Feel- Like the Windows Vista, Windows 7 too has Aero effects, 3D-Flip and transparency effects. The new Windows is much sexier and smooth and more glossy, windows has really worked on the looks. The taskbar looks amazing, it displays icons of open applications. The taskbar can be seen below.

thums7 Should You Switch To Windows 7

Windows 7 Taskbar

You can see the preview of the taskbar in the image above. Its pretty cool, you can see the previews of open applications just by hovering your mouse over them, just like vista. Here applications have icon, no name or stuff like it used to be in Vista or XP. Another feature is Aero Snap, it resize windows and fit them on available space.

thums9 Should You Switch To Windows 7

Boot Up Screen

Booting Time- I was using the candidate release of Windows 7 since past few months and i must admit it that windows 7 has a pretty less booting time than any other operation system, whether it may be Vista, XP or even Mac OS X. The Windows team has worked on the booting time. Its really good.

Speed and Requirements- The windows 7 requires the same amount of everything that Windows Vista requires. The benefit in using Windows 7 is that it runs faster and smoother than Vista. I love the speed, it does not hangs like the Vista. Although you need a good requirement to run Windows 7.

Compatibility: Well Windows 7 supports all the programs that you use in Windows XP. Earlier version Windows Vista has many application related issues. Windows 7 is coded such that it runs every peice of software which runs on Windows XP but in rare case if it doesn’t, you can use the virtual XP mode in it. So for XP lovers its a good news.

thums10 Should You Switch To Windows 7Piracy: It is always been tough to be a pirate, if you are a genuine buyer you don’t have to face many problems. But Windows 7 seems to be the home of pirates. You can use all your downloaded Video’s and Audio’s to display on TV, you just need a Wi-Fi enabled TV or Gadget. You don’t need any software or tool to display media over TV’s or Gadgets.

thums11 Should You Switch To Windows 7Upcoming Support: Technology evolves faster, the Windows 7 is designed to work awesome with the new hardware’s and software’s. If 2009 will be the era of multi-touch screens and tablet PC’s, Windows 7 will be the best OS. It include the multi-touch feature. If you talk about processor Windows 7 will scale upto 256 processors. Wow, thats more than enough. The new 7 is ready for the future of computing.

On Overall Basis Windows 7 is a must upgrade, Words aren’t enough. You gotta try the OS to get the look and feel. Have a upgrade today rather feeling good about it later.

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    avatar Aashirwad Gupta November 9, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Dudes.. YOU ROCK !! I didn't know this site is this MUCH infomrative and interesting !!!!! This is just WOWWWW….. I'm impressed. My best wishes are with you.. Guys like you are the future.


    avatar Aashirwad Gupta November 10, 2009 at 1:44 am

    Dudes.. YOU ROCK !! I didn't know this site is this MUCH infomrative and interesting !!!!! This is just WOWWWW….. I'm impressed. My best wishes are with you.. Guys like you are the future.


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