The all new Orkut: Next Gen Scraping

by Aditya on November 20, 2009

New Orkut : Skimmed

New Orkut : Skimmed

It’s been a while the new Orkut has been released. And as per the reviews, it’s totally amazing than the previous versions. The new look is very cool and the whole page is completely dynamic and fast. The features can, however, be compared to Facebook on the basis of dynamicity, but Orkut in itself is unique.

Navigation PanelThe layout now has all the links in one page. Almost all options are accessible from single home page and can be changed or modified without the hassle of redirection from pages. All reminders, alerts and updates are displayed in a drop down tab which expand and collapse on the page itself. New scraps are instantly notified still with no need to go to a new page. Some pages are still the same. For example, the page that manages friends is still the same but its okay as it’s one of only few things which aren’t dynamic.

The home page color scheme can be changed from the buttons provided on the upper left side of the profile. The page has five color schemes:

Blue Green Orange Pink Black

Looking at the performance, new Orkut is definitely faster and consumes less resource.  The scripts do not stuck like sometimes on Facebook. Though the scraps are instantly notified, but the increment of number of scraps is not displayed until you click the refresh button (not the browser refresh, but a button located on the page itself). It allows video chat as well as web chat on the main home page which is fairly good.

One big flaw in the new version is that it does not allow middle click scrolling i.e. when you press the middle mouse button then scroll the page by moving the cursor up or down with respect to the starting click point. Hope this would be resolved with future developments of the Orkut.

Another thing is that it’s not publicly available. Well it’s a sad thing to hear but there are ways by which you can get yourself an invite:

  1. You can join the official new Orkut community and you’ll be given an invite in a few days. It’s a matter of luck cause there are a thousand others who are waiting for the same and you’ll be chosen on what grounds is not known to anybody.
  2. People with new Orkut have few invites with them. So you can ask them for an invite. This is the way I found myself one… J
  3. Simply wait till the new Orkut is publicly available. This will be the most simplest of course.

On the broader view, new Orkut is completely cool with new features and great user interface and is been appreciated all over. I personally found it very good and was very impressed the way Orkut team worked on its development making it so amazing.

Feel free to comment about the new orkut, and do give us a feedback.

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    avatar r4i karte November 27, 2009 at 10:27 am

    Orkut now become new it has launch new themes as well as different some graphics inside the profile..


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