Parallels Desktop: Windows Applications on MAC OS X

by Aditya on November 20, 2009

Parellels Desktop For MAC OS X

Parellels Desktop For MAC OS X

Mac users face many problems when it comes to software compatibility on Mac PC’s. Usually software’s and applications are developed for Windows OS and thus do not operate on Mac PC’s. These applications for Windows or other OS are of very much importance when it comes in the field of development. That is when Mac users are left behind.

Parallels Desktop For MAC OS X

Parallels Desktop For MAC OS X

But for a while Mac users are able to use and operate Windows application on their Mac PC’s with the help of the software: Parallels Desktop. This application was is in the market for a while now and recently has released its newest version (Parallels Desktop 5) which is more stable and has better compatibility issues.

According to the official website, the application is now faster, smarter and more powerful. It can also run Windows 7 with the revolutionary aero interface. Along with it, it also supports Snow Leopard and thousands of other windows software’s with ease. Application also creates a link between the two OS’s and allows file sharing between the operating systems with a simple drag and drop mouse gesture. Another important feature is that it supports USB device support for the devices which can connect only on windows.

Considering the power factor, it enables DirectX9.0c/DirectX9Ex with Shader Model 3 allowing further accessibility for applications. Windows security is also managed by this software. The company claims that the newer version does no compromise on performance and speed of your Mac.

The application is for Mac i.e. .dmg format and can be purchased for $79.99 or can be upgraded from a previous version for $49.99 on the Parallels official website. A trail version is also available for download.

Though the price difference between upgrade and purchase is not very much, but the application is worth to be spent upon as it is very powerful and seamlessly works with multiple OS’s without any problems. I consider it’s a must have for any Mac user.

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