Many websites use robots.txt to block Google to index their pages and thus preventing the pages from showing up in the search engine. But the fact is that robots.txt doesn’t actually do the latter, even though it does prevent your site from being indexed. Before getting back to the explanation why Google does that?


Dofollow Blog With Page Rank 6: Backlinks

Dofollow Blog With Page Rank

by Shubham on December 21, 2009

Searching for dofollow blogs for backlinks? Want to add a backlink to the page rank 6 blog? Backlinking is an important process, it develops your page rank and if you have backlinks at a good page rank blog then it is more valuable. A page rank 4 and above is good for the backlinking process. Getting a dofollow blog is not an easy stuff these days. Well who want’s to kill the secret behind the SEO. I spent a day searching and haunting for them. For getting a good Google Page rank it is necessary to have backlinks from good page rank sites.


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10 Best SEO Tools For Firefox: Addons

December 15, 2009

There are many SEO tools to optimize your website, but most of them are time consuming. Firefox Addons can help you make it easy. So you don’t need to install many applications.

wordpress adsense integration

Best WordPress Tool For Adsense Integration

November 23, 2009

Placing Adsense Ads in your wordpress blog can be a bit handy if you go with the codes. A WordPress plugin does it all for you. It manages all your Ads including the Yahoo publisher Ads on the fly.


Sociofluid Plugin Disallow Google Crawling

October 20, 2009

Sociofluid is a cool plugin of wordpress which enables you the feature of social bookmarking.The plugin gives some serious errors, which effect your search results. When Google index pages of your website it also index the sociofluid plugin data in your post. The error is fixed by simple tweaks. Read the post to fix the error.


Best Meta Tag Analysis

October 19, 2009

How to analyze your Meta Data? Don’t Waste time, just use the simple tool to analyze your meta data and get good results from search engines. This tool is free to use and give a detail meta data description along with web page analysis and keywords.


Best WordPress Plugins To Increase SEO Score

October 18, 2009

Among the million users, How do people find your content over Internet? There are many who write unique but to get listed Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a key. Search Engine Optimization Services are provided to websites to get traffic, but you can do it yourself with simple search engine optimization tool.

Increase Traffic on Website

Increase Traffic on Website- Doing It The Right Way

October 16, 2009

How to increase traffic has been the biggest dilemma for the bloggers and website owners, increase web traffic by simple website optimization. Increasing traffic to your website will be easy if you consider the tips in this post. There are many different ways, some will cost you and some won’t. But the actual base line […]