Well it is said that content rules the Web, though it does but it isn’t the only thing you should care about. Making a successful quality blog is not an easy task. One of the most important factor is the loading time of your blog. In this article let’s have a look at the various things which you should do to increase the speed of you blog.


Well those days are gone when people hesitated to use flash in their websites. Flash headers are getting very popular these days, due to its reduced size and animation features. Flash headers can be used in the theme to give it a cool look. Well inserting a flash header in thesis theme is very easy. In this post I will show you how to exactly do it.


 Internet Explorer Designing Hacks

Top 5 Ultimate Internet Explorer Designing Hacks

March 9, 2010

Every Web Designer hates Internet explorer, I too hate Internet explorer for many reasons (especially IE6). HTML 5 and CSS3 are the most powerful techniques of creating a good design but IE can’t handle them. Few tricks can do some work to give a good look in Internet explorer.

Color Tool For Web Designers

20+ Color Tool For Web Designers/Webmasters and CSS Geeks

March 6, 2010

Choosing the core color of your project can be a easy task but finding the right combinations to match the core color can be difficult. Here’s a list of 20+ tools to choose the matching colors and even suggest the matching color palette when you aren’t sure what are you looking for. The list contains […]

Online Code Editors

8 Best Helpful Online Code Editors

February 27, 2010

As a web developer, your main objective is turn your ideas into codes. Well implementation is a difficult task. Online code editors are getting popular these days. These editors can help you with the codes from any computer having an internet access, or even a tablet. Coding is simple and more fun, no need to carry your software’s where ever you go.

Thumbnail image for Bubble Effect With CSS – Thesis Array

Bubble Effect With CSS – Thesis Array

February 11, 2010

From the past few weeks I haven’t posted anything. Well all I can say is that I was busy the past weeks, but not on what I expected. This is my first post on WordPress Theme Customization. Well today, I will explain you how to create a dock( though not smooth like Mac) for your […]

Meebo Bar

Meebo Bar Now Available For all-Mashable

December 26, 2009

Over the last few months you have noticed that only few sites gracing the bottom of some blogs like mashable. That’s because it was only available for few partners. On Dec 21 Meebo launched the plugin for every one, as they promised.

Thumbnail image for 5 WordPress Plugin’s You Would Like

5 WordPress Plugin’s You Would Like

December 9, 2009

A very useful set of Wordpress plugins you would like to test. I have scanned through the Wordpress plugin directory and found 5 very useful plugins definitely worth taking a look at.

wordpress adsense integration

Best WordPress Tool For Adsense Integration

November 23, 2009

Placing Adsense Ads in your wordpress blog can be a bit handy if you go with the codes. A WordPress plugin does it all for you. It manages all your Ads including the Yahoo publisher Ads on the fly.

add favicon on site

Adding A Favicon For Website: WordPress Customization

November 14, 2009

Add a cool favicon to your WordPress blog in simple methods. Add a  favicon to your blog and help user to remember you easily through favicon when they bookmark. Generally users get attracted to sites very easily having a unique favicon.