Adding A Favicon For Website: WordPress Customization

by Shubham on November 14, 2009

Adding A Favicon To WordPress

Adding A Favicon To WordPress

Add a cool favicon to your WordPress blog in simple methods. Add a  favicon to your blog and help user to remember you easily through favicon when they bookmark. Generally users get attracted to sites very easily having a unique favicon.

Do it in simple steps.

1. Adding a favicon first requires an image which is in .ico format, if you don’t have one just go to there you can upload any image and get a Favicon image(i.e ico format). You can create a animated image for favicon too.

The best size for favicon is 16.x16px.

2. Now, upload it to some where in your wordpress directory. Copy the address of the image. For ex. if i have uploaded it in root folder of the URL will be folder).

3. Open the header of your theme, generally header.php. Now just below the <head> paste the code:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=””>

4. Save your file, and check back your blog. You will see a favicon inserted.

If you are a newbie another method to insert favicon is adding a wordpress plugin.

Max Blog Press Favicon plugin helps you to insert a favicon without any codes.

Downlaod Max Blog Press Favicon Plugin from wordpress plugin directory and install it to your wordpress through plugins.

In the settings option go to MBP Favicon and upload the image you want to have as a favicon. If you don’t have any image you can also choose diffrent default favicons.

If any issuies, please do comment i will reply back ;-).

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