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by Shubham on November 13, 2009

WP-Paging WordPress Plugin

WP-Paging WordPress Plugin

A plugin for WordPress to show pages which makes it easy to navigate through your WordPress blog. Tired with “Older Entries” button in your WordPress. Use this plugin to get a stylish navigation between your pages.

The plugin creates navigation links for separate pages. The plugin lets your reader’s to navigate to different pages easily with few clicks. Now no more repeated clicks to find older posts. Since WordPress has no paging options the plugin gives a choice to navigate through different pages. The plugin is also good for SEO.

The plugin is easily customizable with different with options like colors and the text to show in the page navigation. You can also choose to have rounded corners for the page navigation. With different button backgrounds to alignment, you can configure it the way you like. The plugin supports gradients but they are not supported in Internet Explorer. The plugin works fine in all the browsers, no issues.

WP Paging Screenshot

WP Paging Screenshot

It is an alternative to the page-navi plugin.

Installing and Configuring the Wp-Paging Plugin:

1. Install the plugin from here or from authors page.

2. Activate the plugin WP Paging through plugin menu.

3. Now go to Wp Paging in settings.

4. Configuire the color and background according to your looks.

5. Now go to editor under Apperance and Add <?php wp_paging(); ?> after the loop or between the endwhile and else in your theme.

The plugin is made by devdevote.com. For any issues with the plugin feel free to comment, we will reply back to your queries.

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    avatar Edna May 6, 2010 at 7:57 am

    There is nowhere I see endwhile and else in the templates of the theme. I do not know to work with html.


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